Lilian García-Roig (American, born Cuba, 1966), Palmetto Brush, 2009. Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in.
Glass Sculptures of Viruses by Luke Jerram
Wind Sculpture by Anthony Howe
by Peter Zumthor

the moment a pair of frogs camouflaged themselves against a leaf to help protect their precious eggs. The amphibians can barely be seen at a quick glance as they cling to the green foliage at the La Selva Biological Research Station in Costa Rica. The stunning images of the reticulated glass frogs, which were taken by British wildlife photographers Michael and Patricia Fogden, show the animals watching over their unhatched offspring.
Photo credit: Michael and Patricia Fogden

Kamioka Observatory, ICRR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), The University of Tokyo / Divulgação